Hell is Bogota Traffic!

Yep, it took me 5 and a half hours to drive into Bogota, get my hair cut and drive back. Luckily I only do this two or three times a year.

Bogota traffic has become horrendous ever since the pico placa restrictions have been changed. Previously cars with license plates ending in even or odd numbers could not be on the road on even or odd days. Now they just can’t be on the road during rush hour, which means that traffic is horrible the rest of the time.

I have basically decided not to go into Bogota on weekdays unless it’s an emergency or something really, really, really worthwhile. But what about the 10 million people who live and work in Bogota and have no choice but to leave their homes two and a half hours before they are due to start work? The rich can try to live near their work, but what about everybody else?

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