We are back and I feel hungover!

Although I think that I actually have altitude sickness for the first time. A sharp headache and nausea that comes and goes. I am about to drink coca tea which should help. (Coca tea is made by pouring boiling water over dried coca leaves. Unlike it’s chemically altered cousin, cocaine, drinking coca tea does not get you high, it just helps with the effects of altitude sickness.)

This kind of puts a damper on being back but I trust that I should feel better within a day or two. Meanwhile, the trip to the US was excellent! It was wonderful to see my family and celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday and it was great to catch up with old friends in DC.

Actually being in Washington DC was somewhat surreal. Everything felt so familiar (I did live there for 15 years after all) and yet foreign. The usual things stood out: everything looked really clean and organized; the traffic was tame; people were friendly; service was somewhat slow compared to the Boston area; American kids seemed to have somewhat poor manners compared to their Colombian counterparts; people’s lives are super busy and crazed… and interesting. The people I know in DC seem to be leading interesting lives – running non profits, playing with the National Symphony, working to change the world. All while raising kids, running the house, and packing in lots of cultural events. Kind of makes me feel like I am not doing much here. Or maybe I was reinfected with the American affliction to do it all and have it all?

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