I Love Colombia!

It’s amazing how we can get used to anything, even to overwhelming beauty. And how easy it becomes to take this beauty for granted.

Life in Chia, a small town outside of Bogota, Colombia has become somewhat ordinary to me. I drive past gorgeous verdant mountain scenery, small white churches, horse drawn wagons manned by 10 year olds or toothless old men, cows in the road, and it all seems normal. I even grumble as a man on bicycles transporting a 10 foot long heavy metal object balanced precariously on this shoulders cuts me off, safe and comfortable in my car. I have to remind myself that his balance is actually extraordinary beautiful and his daring to ride a bike in this traffic, let alone with what looks like a very heavy metal object on his shoulders is a true testament to the innate greatness of human beings.

I don’t want life in Colombia to become ordinary or to take it for granted. I know that our time here is limited and I want to enjoy every moment. To remind myself of this, I have started to imagine every time that I drive that I am actually driving on the roads near my parents’ home in Illinois. I imagine looking out at the flat land, nondescript houses and strip malls (sorry Mom and Dad and any of my friends in Illinois who might be reading this!) and all of the sudden I see the beauty around me in Colombia with fresh eyes. It’s important not to take it for granted.

I also downloaded the latest edition of Lonely planet Colombia onto my Kindle last night. Nothing like the Lonely Planet to remind me that we are lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has also yet to be discovered by mass tourism so this is the time to enjoy getting to know it. Of course, I stayed up too way too late planning all of our future trips around Colombia (the Tatacoa Desert, archiological ruins of San Augustin, beautiful colonial Popoyan, Cali with it’s salsa sizzle, the coffee zone, the Amazon, whale watching on the Pacific Coast, stark desert meeting the sea in La Guajira). We have alot yet to see! I am tired today but it was worth it. The excitement of being here is back!

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5 Responses to I Love Colombia!

  1. Eva says:

    Wow!! I love your descriptions of the man on the bike (I remember many such scenes while I was there) and the plethora of amazing places yet unexplored by you and your lucky family!
    Feeling happy for you,

  2. Paige says:

    You are so right–it is so easy to forget what an amazing country we live in 🙂 And, make sure you get lots of exploring in before you leave this beautiful place!

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