Black Friday (With an Upside)


1. My beloved 90-year old grandmother has pneumonia. This is never good, but especially at her age and with her existing illnesses.

2. The vet told me that Montgomery is getting worse and worse. We need to pick him up tonight and hopefully he can spend a little time at home before we need to put him to sleep.

3. The kids are really upset, especially Jade, our oldest, who has been sleeping with Montgomery for the past 6 months or so. She can’t go to sleep in her bed without him and has been sleeping in our room.

4. I sent Siena, our 7-year-old, to school with a fever and Tylenol. She is playing a piano piece in the school’s annual musical recital tonight and the rule is that if you don’t go to school, you can’t play. She has been practicing for months and really wanted to perform.

5. Jade has an ear infection from an ear-piercing.

6. My car would not start this morning and the mechanic thinks that the car computer is broken and will cost about $800 to replace.

7. The carpenter who came to fix our dining room table left it worse than before (it now teeters every time we go near it) and restrung our rattan chairs with plastic which is a different color than the rattan (he was supposed to restring it with rattan). When I confronted him about it, he told me that it is indeed rattan, is lighter because it is new and will get darker when exposed to sunlight. I told him that plastic doesn’t change colors and as a carpenter, I assume he knows about the difference between plastic and rattan. He told me that he actually took it to a workshop in Bogota and they must have cheated him and did the job in plastic. It seemed pointless to point out that I didn’t believe him and that I expected him to know the difference between the two materials. He told me that he would come back, repair our table and give us back our deposit on the chairs. He is MIA (missing in action or missing in inaction, as the case may be). Is anybody surprised?

8. All the appointments I had for today cancelled at the last minute.

9. I am strangely zen through all this. The “unifying” is working (if you are curious what this is, I strongly recommend a book called Why Walk When You Can Fly? by Isha.)



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