Dia de La Familia (with photos)!

Have I mentioned that on July 29th we celebrated our second anniversary of moving to Colombia? Life has been so busy and now seems so normal that none of us even remembered to acknowledge this day. Colombia is where we live now (although we constantly discuss when we will be going back. But that is for a different blog post.)

We just participated in our third annual Dia de la Familia (family day) at Siena’s Waldorf School. It’s an annual event, planned and executed primarily by the parents to celebrate community, have fun and raise much needed funds for the school. This year’s theme was based on what the primary focus is on in each grade (classic fairy tales in preschool through 2nd grade, myths and legends in 3rd and 4th, Greek and Roman studies in 5th and 6th, etc.)

The whole community really got into it, decorating booths to look like the theme and dressing up in costumes. Since Siena is in 2nd grade, our theme was fairy tales. We decorated a Hansel and Gretel type “house of sweets”, sold sweets of all kinds and dressed up as characters from various fairy tales. For our family this meant that my husband was a king, I was a queen and the girls were princesses. It was all in good fun….

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2 Responses to Dia de La Familia (with photos)!

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi ! I love your blog and have been reading parts of it all morning. I am most interested in your parts about Colombia. I am a kindergarten teacher in North Carolina at a Waldorf inspired school. I will be visiting my family that lives in Cartagena, Colombia this month and I really want to visit any Waldorf schools or Waldorf inspired early childhood programs in Cartagena or close by. DO you know of any? Or do you know someone I could contact to find out further information? I have the opportunity to live with my aunt and uncle in Cartagena. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to live and teach there but I would like to teach at a Waldorf or Waldorf inspired school. It’s been very hard to find anything by googling.

    I hope to hear from you!
    Thank you,

    • Hi, thanks for getting in touch! How is your life in Cartagena? Are you enjoying it? I actually don’t know of any Waldorf initiatives in Cartagena but I will ask around the community here to see if anyone has heard of anything and let you know.

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