Siena’s 8th birthday!

Siena turned 8 on August 6th and we celebrated (yet again!) by going to WOK, her favorite restaurant in Chia.sienas 8th bday, aug 2013 009 It’s a Pan-Asian restaurant where she indulged her taste for sophisticated food like raw tuna carpaccio. My little foodie!

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3 Responses to Siena’s 8th birthday!

  1. Eva says:

    From your “Auntie” Eva (who is not eating tuna carpaccio on her birthday today!). Then again, you probably would have found my raw “stirfry” salad kinda gross…
    Sending Leo hugs!! – Eva

  2. Lynn says:

    hello from bali! finally catching up with your blog….belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday girls from all of us! amazing pics from ecuador. miss you lots. xox Lynn, Nat, Alexa & Charlotte

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