We are off to Bolivia!

Yep, our traveling adventures continue! In about an hour, we will be departing on a two week adventure to Bolivia where we plan to stroll around the witches’ market in La Paz (the world’s highest capital at 3,700 meters/12,139 feet), wander around the streets of Sucre (gorgeous colonial city), horseback ride amidst the desert scenery of Tupiza (where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid had their last stand…seriously!), undertake a breathtaking (literally!) 4 day adventure traversing about 500 miles through roadless antiplano at an altitude of over 4,000 meters (13,129 feet) to reach the magnificent salt flats of Uyuni (while staying at people’s unheated homes, eating what the cook can make on an outdoor fire at high altitude, taking cold showers and enjoying freezing nighttime temperatures) and finally, lazing around the pool as hummingbirds hum all around us in semi-tropical Coroico.

I am very excited and as usual a little nervous (even though this was all my bright idea, of course. God bless my husband who is willing to accompany me on these adventures with 3 kids in tow!) Saige, our 3 year old, has a serious cold and the beginnings of an ear infection which should make for a fun flight, but we are old pros now. We realized last night that Saige gets sick before each major trip that we take… just to add to the adventure.

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