Summer vacation is here again!

The kids finished school today and are off on break until February. Siena, our 8 year old, will be starting third grade and Jade will be starting sixth grade, which is high school here (yikes! how did that happen?) They are both sad that school is over. Siena will miss her friends who live in Bogota and her beloved teacher is moving back to her native Medellin and won’t be teaching the class again next year (In Waldorf Schools, a teacher usually accompanies students through all eight grades and becomes like a second mom.) Her teacher was really excellent and we are all sad to see her go. We are however hopeful that another great teacher will make her way to Siena’s class.

Jade is also sad because her class has become really close and while they will all go to high school together, the classes will be mixed up to encourage meeting new people and making new friends. All of the kids in her class cried today as they said goodbye. “The kids in my class are like family to me, Mom”, said Jade as she tried to convince me to throw a party for her 30-plus classmates.

Overall, this is good news. They really love their schools, have integrated completely into Colombian society and are very happy here. I try not to think about what it will be like when we need to leave. When will we go back to the US? I am just trying to enjoy this life for now….. it is gooooooooood!

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