Bolivia – Day 3 – La Paz to Sucre

We woke up bright and early to make it to the airport for the 8 am flight, which was delayed….and delayed….and delayed… until it finally took off at 5 pm! La Paz has a teeny airport with basically one Subway sandwich place for entertainment. It was a long and boring day but the kids did great. They are really great travelers!

I was bummed to lose a day as we would now have to skip some visits I had planned to small villages surrounding Sucre where Bolivia’s best traditional weaving is still done by hand as it has been done for centuries. Trying to set a good example however I did my best to go with the flow and enjoy what the airport had to offer.

One interesting thing we did observe at the airport is the local custom for the bride and groom and their wedding party to go visit the airport on their wedding day. I took Saige outside to play on the bit of green space in front of the airport and we saw several wedding parties arrive, walk around and take photos. We met a local man and his daughter and while our girls played together, he told me about this custom. Interesting!

When our flight was finally called at 5 pm, I let out a loud woop and did a little dance much to my middle daughter’s embarrassment.  Of course her embarrassment only caused her sisters to imitate me and cause more ruckus. “Don’t you get embarrassed, Mom?” Siena asked me.

“Not really, Hon,” I replied and did another dance to express my joy.

The flight from La Paz to Sucre was really quite spectacular! The airport at El Alto is built on a high plateau and as we took off, it felt like we were going off a cliff (we were) with gorgeous snow-capped mountains on all sides. Being in a small plane also increased the sense of adventure… and fear.

We arrived in Sucre before 6 pm, were picked up by the manager of one of the microfinance banks that my husband’s company works with and had time for a quick tour of this gorgeous city before the sun set. Whitewashed Sucre is really quite stunning! It feels like we are in a different country.

After a long day of travel, we were very happy to arrive at Casa Verde B&B, a very nice place to stay owned by a helpful Belgian, and head off to a dinner of pizza, pasta, Caesar salad and wine (for the grown-ups!). Civilization is good!


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