Bolivia – Day 5 – Potosi to Tupiza

We woke up early to make it to Tupiza by 2 pm for our horseback ride through the red rock canyons and then our trip to the Salar tomorrow. We are moving way too fast for my liking. I feel like we are not absorbing anything and I cannot imagine that the kids are having much fun.  They are not complaining though and I don’t want to ask. The lesson learned here is that when traveling to Bolivia, it is important to build in a few days for unexpected travel delays.

I am also a bit grumpy because I did not sleep well last night. Maybe it was the high altitude but I kept tossing and turning, worrying about how the kids were going to do in the cold and altitude of the Salar trip, not to mention spending 10 hours a day off-roading in a jeep. Well, what is done is done. The trip is planned and paid for and it is the highlight of things to do in Bolivia so we will just have to do it and see what happens.

We made it to Tupiza in four hours, had a quick but yummy pizza lunch, glanced longingly at the beautiful blue pool at our hotel, the Hotel Mitru, and headed off for our three hour horseback ride. My husband stayed at the pool with our three year-old, neither of them too keen to get on a horse at this point, but the older girls and I soldiered on.

It was well worth it! The horseback ride through gorgeous dessert and canyon scenery was spectacular! And it was great to see how comfortable the girls have become with horses, especially  Siena, our eight year old.

Tomorrow, we set off on the Salar adventure….

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