Bolivia – Day 7- Salar Adventure Continues

Oct 9, 2013

We woke up at 7 am and could barely get out of bed.  We were supposed to be at breakfast by 7:15 am but nobody could move. Saige, our three year old, was passed out cold. It was a tough night.  My husband was super sick and everybody had a hard time sleeping because of the altitude. Our three year-old woke up and wanted to sleep with me in my tiny bed, making it that much harder to sleep. It was not too cold though. Despite being quite chilly when I got into bed last night, I found myself hot from all of the layers in the middle of the night and took some off.

We finally made it to breakfast by 7:30 am, only fifteen minutes late (early by Bolivian standards) and my husband mentioned that there were no forks with which to eat the eggs. He was still not feeling great so I went to ask our cook for some forks. I found her in the kitchen and asked for some forks to which she replied with a serious attitude and scowl on her face, “You weren’t at breakfast at 7:15 am and now it is too late for me to look for the forks.”

What????! We were 15 minutes late…in Bolivia, where nobody is on time.I explained that we did not sleep well, that my husband was sick and that I couldn’t wake the girls up this morning. She handed me one fork (one for the five of us!) with an attitude.

What????! No! No way was I in the mood to deal with this kind of attitude from somebody who could not have been a day over twenty-three and was here to help us have a pleasant trip. I basically told her as much and asked for five forks. I then went to talk to her husband since he was our guide and team leader. This had to be worked out because we were here to have a good time and needed a little flexibility. Plus, spending three more days in a jeep with tension is not my idea of a good time.

We all talked about it, our driver apologized for his wife’s behavior, she cried, and we all decided to get along and make the best of our trip. The rest of the day went really well. The scenery was becoming more spectacular by the minute. Gorgeous desert scenery, spectacular colors, the greenest Laguna Verde I had ever seen, hot geysers, pink flamingoes, natural hot pools. It was really spectacular! I just can’t find the superlatives to do it all justice.  The grand finale of the day was the Laguna Colorada, a red water lake full of flamingoes and a gorgeous mountain backdrop. The colors were so unlike anything we have ever seen, it was like being on another planet. Spectacular!

We ended the day at a very basic “hotel” at 4,300 meters/14,017 feet. It was going to be cold! There was one unisex bathroom with two stalls with very short walls to share with about thirty other people. Oh well, it’s one night and it is all part of the adventure. The kids are still doing great though. I am so proud of them!

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