Bolivia – Day 10 – Heaven is Coroico

October 12, 2013

We are in heaven! We are at the Sol y Luna in Coroico and it is pure bliss! The Sol y Luna is fortunate enough to occupy a good size chunk of cloud forest and the oxygen here is magnificent. Nothing like going to high altitude to help you appreciate oxygen when you come back down. I feel drunk on so much oxygen. Restful relaxation- our own two bedroom cabin, cloud forest all around, two pools, a children’s playground, hammocks, a restaurant with yummy food, yoga and massage. What could be better?

It is so beautiful and relaxing here that we don’t want to go anywhere. All of my plans to see the market, explore waterfalls, and hike are out the window. I just want to lay around and do nothing.

All the more relaxing because it was such an adventure getting here. We were picked up at our hotel at 10 am and it was supposed to be an easy and gorgeous two and half hour drive. We are in Bolivia though so we need to expect the unexpected. The unexpected turned out to be a road closure of the only road leading to Coroico at the Cumbre, the high point of the road at 4,900 meters/16,067 feet, due to a bike race.  With no advance warning, the police just blocked the road at 11 am and rumor had it that it would not be reopened until 6 pm. Yikes! We were at over 16,000 feet, we were feeling the effects of the thin oxygen and we did not want to wait seven hours! We envisioned going back to La Paz and we were not happy.

Neither were the locals. People were getting downright testy and urging each other to go past the police barricade. The police held firm that the chief of police needed to get there to resolve the situation. Of course the chief never materialized and tensions mounted. The race organizers (all wealthy folks) must have realized that they could have an unpleasant situation on their hands with bike riders arriving at the finish lines only to be pummeled with stones by an angry crowd, and somehow resolved it with the police to let the cars pass. We drove slowly, past the exhausted bikers, taking in the spectacular scenery and relishing the thought of getting to paradise!

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