We are off on Our Colombian Adventure!

We are off on our Colombian adventure tomorrow! We will pack up our 3 kids into a tiny, 2-door Chevy and head off to explore this gorgeous country.

We changed plans at the last minute to avoid the potentially dangerous road from Popayan to San Agustin and head to the Carnaval de Blancos y Negros (The Carnaval of Blacks and Whites) in Pasto, one of the biggest carnivals in Colombia.

*For the record for those who search the web to find out re safety in Colombia, I still think that the road from San Agustin to Popayan is probably fine security wise, especially for backpackers taking a bus. Travelers do it all the time. Our decision was based on the fact that there aren’t too many, or any, foreign families doing this route in their own car with 3 girls in tow. A good friend of mine commented on a previous post re security and whether we should do this route by suggesting that I ask myself whether I could live with myself if something happened to my girls on this route. The answer is a clear “No.” Things can happen anywhere in life and we can’t stop living, but if something were to happen on a route that is known to be iffy, I could not forgive myself for exposing my girls to danger.

Plus, el Tiempo, a large Colombian newspaper, just published an article of safe routes in Colombia this holiday season (meaning there will be a lot of military presence on these roads) and the road from Cali to Pasto made the cut. Nariño, the state where Pasto is located has traditionally been iffy security wise so we decided to take advantage of the military presence to visit this part of the country.

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