What a Gogeous Country Colombia Is!

We are back from our amazing 4 week road trip around Colombia! Coffee fincas and hot thermals in the Coffee Zone (Eje Cafetero), horseback riding among the wax palms in Valle de Cocora, huge party and salsa in Cali (Feria de Cali), historical splendor in Popayan, beautiful nature and delicious trout in Lago de la Cocha, the awe inspiring cathedral at Las Lajas, foam and flour throwing at Pastos’ Carnaval de Blancos y Negros, driving to San Agustin on an unpaved one lane mountainous road (considered one of the most dangerous on the continent),white water  rafting on the Magdalena, the remnants if a 5,000 year old civilization amidst lush tropical forest in San Agustin and finally, the Tatacoa Dessert with its gorgeous landscapes and 43 degrees Celsius heat (way over 110 degrees Fahrenheit).

I will write more later as we are back, the kids are still on vacation from school, our nanny is on vacation and we have no housekeeper. Oh my! I am back to living an American lifestyle of crazy business and multitasking…. and looking for a new housekeeper with major urgency.

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