Life Update

Jan 12, 2014 Colombia roadtrip 001


Jade, our 11 year old, is starting Bachillerato today. In Colombia, there is only Primaria (primary school up to 6 grade) and Bachillerato (grades 6 to 11) or high school. My 11 year old is starting high school!!!! How did that happen? She was very nervous even though she is in the same school with pretty much the same kids. They will be mixing up the kids between the two classrooms, however, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she is in the same class with her two best friends.

Siena, our 8 year old, is enjoying the last few days of this very long school break and will be starting school next week. She loves her school and is very excited about starting. I am a little worried because while her school is big on heart, it is low on funding. Her new teacher is 24 years old and has previously worked as a gym teacher. She is very mature for her age and very enthusiastic about Waldorf education, but it’s hard for me not to worry that Siena will get what she needs in third grade. As is, her class seems to be about a year behind her Waldorf counterparts in the US. I have found several tutors, however, one American to work on her English and another who is a Colombian Waldorf teacher to help her advance in other subjects. I am hopeful that this will be enough to get her to grade level.

Saige, our 3 year old, is thriving. She is all smiles and happiness (and willfulness!) and looking forward to starting her Waldorf preschool next week. She is super cute and super fun! She is also teaching me Spanish since she speaks like a native born Colombiana, complete with a Rollo (what people from Bogota are called here) accent.

My husband, Esteban, is doing great! He is passionate about his work and truly enjoys it. In his spare time, he loves to hang out with the family and watch sports. Life is good!

As for me, I am doing great and quite honestly feeling unsettled as we have yet to settle into a school time routine. I am still sorting out everybody’s schedules. They will be in three different schools and participating in various afterschool activities (singing, piano, music theory, swimming and ceramics for Jade and horseback riding, guitar and ceramics for Siena) so our schedule is abit like a jigsaw puzzle. Somehow it always come together though.

I am also coaching, continuing to interview people who are making life changes to follow their passion and purpose in life for the book I am writing, and using my “sabbatical” from domestic responsibilities to exercise and meditate (daily for the past 8 months!). I will also be starting ceramics and guitar lessons, a lifelong dream, next week.

Speaking of my “sabbatical” from domestic responsibilities, we have hired a new live-in housekeeper. I write about this not to make you all jealous but because this continues to be a challenge for me in navigating developing country living. Don’t get me wrong. I am oh-so-grateful for the help and feel infinitely blessed. I also have such a hard time opening my home and my heart to a stranger, especially since this is our third housekeeper in two and a half years. It’s hard to get close to somebody and then have to fire them because they steal from you (housekeeper #1) or encourage them to go back to their kids (housekeeper #2). I find myself embarrassed by how hard this woman is working to make me happy but also know that I need to be very polite yet somewhat “boss like” so she respects me. It’s kind of hard for a gringa who just wants everybody to be friends and get along.


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