It is all coming together!

Just to give you an update, all is coming together. Siena, our 8 year old, started 3rd grade yesterday and loved it! She has a small class (only 10 children) and the teacher, while very young, is kind and enthusiastic. Siena was super nervous the day before her first day of school but as soon as she walked onto her school grounds and her best friend ran to greet her with a big hug, Siena forgot all about her nervousness and felt right at home.

Jade, our oldest, is happy and doing well in Bachillerato (‘high school”). I was a little taken aback by the first book she was assigned to read, a story of a brother and sister abandoned by their mother and whose father is largely absent and allows the girls to dress up as a prostitute for Halloween. I know Jade is in high school now but this seemed like very mature subject matter for an eleven year old.

The rest of  us are doing great and enjoying life! I started guitar lessons today and am very excited.

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