Colombian Roadtrip – Day 2 – Manizales

December 18, 2013

What a fantastic day! We started it off in Retiro de Pensamiento, a beautiful park in the cloud forest. I have to confess that I like my nature more “pure and wild” but the girls really enjoyed the butterfly farm, the Bonsai exhibit and walking through the orchid gardens. It was a good kid-friendly activity for half a day, before heading off to a water park which boasted thermal pools, water slides and gorgeous views, in the afternoon.

As we were leaving Retiro, it started to pour as the temperature dropped quickly. Being hardy Northerners, we were undeterred and decided to go to the park anyway. Our nanny thought we were nuts as nobody would willingly take off their clothes and get into water as the temperature dropped into the low 60’s and water poured from the skies. She was pleasantly surprised, however, as getting into super-hot water while it is cool and rainy outside is absolutely delicious, as Colombians like to say (“es delicioso”). We actually were all really enjoying ourselves until Siena, my 8 year old, started complaining that something was burning and stinging. Upon examination, we realized that she was covered with strange bumps which resembled bug bites. It turns out that many people have this allergic reaction in these thermals due to their high mineral content. Luckily, the person working the ticket booth was also the first-aid guy and dispensed some lotion which quickly calmed the sting.

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