Colombian Roadtrip – Day 7 – Valle de Cocora

December 23, 2013

We planned to hike in the Valle de Cocora today but woke up to pouring rain. We decided to head to Finlandia, a quaint and authentic town about 30 minutes away from Salento. Finlandia is a place where you can still see men in ponchos sipping coffee (or beer) in small cafes around the town plaza.  It is much less touristy than Salento and very beautiful with its colorful houses.

After checking out Finlandia, we headed back to Salento for yet another delicious lunch at the Brunch Place. By the time we were done, the rain had turned into drizzle and we decided to head to the Valle de Cocora for a hike among the wax palms. We planned to leave our three year old with Marta, our baby sitter, so we could actually hike, but when we got to the Valle, the older girls also went on strike. They did not want to hike, preferring to hang out at a playground with Marta instead.

Their loss, as my husband and I really didn’t mind hiking alone. It was a great treat actually! We did get lost as the hiking trails were not marked but eventually found the right trail which took us straight through the wax palms with gorgeous valley views. Truly spectacular!

We had another date night at Iliana’s restaurant as the kids ate in a different room with Marta. We are really going to miss Marta tomorrow as she leaves us to spend the holidays with her family and we are left to handle the whining and fighting on our own. Such is parenting though and we are pretty spoiled as it is.



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