Colombian Roadtrip – Day 10 – How the other 1 percent lives

Today we had a fantastic day relaxing at my friend’s friend’s finca (“country home”) outside of Cali. To be honest, the finca was really an estate. It was like something out of a period piece movie about the landed South American nobility living about 200 or 300 years ago. There was the requisite 200 year old house, lovingly restored with period furniture, an old barn where blacksmiths toiled away as horses, bulls, cows, and dogs roamed the luscious grounds.

While keeping to its traditional décor, the estate did boast some fine modern amenities like a huge infinity pool with an overhanging mango tree and beautiful river views. The kids had a fantastic time as did the adults. Our friend’s friends is an amazing host and the wine kept flowing.

Lunch was served on the outdoor terrace by a bevy of maids and when I came back from the bathroom, I found one of the maids feeding spoonfuls of food to Saige, our three year old. She never asked. She just assumed it was her job to lovingly do this so that the grown-ups could converse in peace. The amazing thing was that Saige just allowed a stranger to feed her as though it was the most natural thing in the world (and as if she didn’t know how to feed herself!) Our kids are so spoiled here. Come to think of it, so are the adults.

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