Colombian Roadtrip – Day 11 – Rio Ponce

December 27, 2014

Yet another great day exploring Cali and its environs. Today we headed off to the River Ponce just outside of Cali. Gorgeous scenery, easy hiking, fun rock climbing and a freezing dip in the river.

We got back to our friends’ mom’s house around 5 pm, took a power nap, had a quick pizza dinner with the kids, left the kids with our friend’s former nanny of six years and headed out to Zapateco, one of Cali’s most famous salsa clubs. A Cali institution, dimly lit Zapateco was full of ambiance and fantastic salsa dancers. Once again I felt like I was in a movie as people of all races socialized and showed off their best salsa moves. With all of the fantastic salsa dancing around us, my husband and I were too intimidated to give it a try.

As we sat there for hours watching our friends and everybody else dance however, I thought to myself “What the hell. We are only in Cali once. I can’t come to Cali and not try to dance salsa.” My husband was still not convinced so I decided to give it a try with my friend. It wasn’t as intimidating as it seemed and I had a great time. My friend was probably just being nice but she did tell me “that I had the intrinsic moves down and that there was hope for me.” Awww! How sweet.

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