Out With the Bad Spirits

“I think that Yolanda (name changed) left bad energy in this house. She was into witchcraft and I am wondering if she put a spell on this house or something and that’s why we can’t find a good maid,” said our nanny. “Otherwise, I just don’t understand. You are such a nice family and treat people well. Ever since Yolanda passed through here, you haven’t been able to find a decent person. Each one is worse than the last.”

Amen to that. Yolanda was the maid without boundaries who we had to let go about a month ago after she took some food and started a fight with the security personnel of the conjunto where we live. Then came the maid who did not want to cook and finally, another woman who came twice for an interview and called me to follow up to see if I would offer her the job. My instincts said that she was not the one for us but we were desperate and had no other leads. We decided to just try her out and agreed that she would start this past Monday morning. And guess what? She didn’t show up for work, didn’t call and didn’t answer my phone calls. After waiting three weeks for the job, she just disappeared when it was offered to her.

Now I am not usually one to believe in witchcraft but even I was starting to wonder if my nanny had a point. What on earth was going on here?

Just to be on the safe side, we decided to do an energy cleansing ritual of the house using dried sage, an herb used by Native Americans to cleanse bad energies. The ritual basically consisted of the kids and I walking around the house, and especially the maid’s room, and filling it with sage smoke while setting our intentions to clear the house of negative energies, as my husband trailed behind somewhat bemused by the whole scene. The kids had fun though, especially our youngest, Saige, who got a kick out of “saging with sage”.

So far, it hasn’t done any good. We have yet to attract a good live-in maid but we are hopeful….

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