Colombian Roadtrip – Day 16 – Laguna La Cocha to Ipiales

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! May it bring you all that your heart desires!

In the morning, we said goodbye to our friends who were heading off to Ecuador for a few days, and decided to go to the port for lunch before heading off to our next destination, Ipiales. Ipiales is a border city and purported to be a bit of a dump but it is the closest place to stay near Las Lajas, an amazing cathedral built into a ravine between striking mountain ranges. A must do if one is ever in this neck of the woods.

The port turned out to be really lovely, with a small canal running through the settlement, well -tended houses decorated with an abundance of flowers, brightly painted boats waiting to take tourists to the Isla la Carota, and many restaurants serving the local specialty, rainbow trout. We walked around the area abit and headed for lunch to El Rancho Grande, a restaurant recommended to us by somebody at the hotel.

The lunch turned out to be some of the best food we have had during our travels in Colombia. I ordered smoked trout and it was out of this world! It was so good that I went to find the restaurant owner just to tell him how good the food was. Yummy!

Full and happy, we drove off to Ipiales. With high cliffs and deep gorges, the mountain scenery was striking and quite different from anything we had seen before and we really enjoyed the nearly two hour drive. As promised, Ipiales itself is not very exciting but we are staying in a decent hotel with a decent bed so hopefully, we will all get a good night’s sleep. The only bummer is that Siena, our eight year old, is not feeling well. She seems to be running a low grade fever and I really hope that she feels better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

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