Colombian Roatrip – Day 17 – Las Lajas

January 2, 2014

Siena wasn’t feeling too well when we woke up today so we gave her Dolex (the local equivalent of Tylenol) to see if that would help. It’s hard to know what to do when kids get sick while traveling. I tend to be fairly low on intervention. At home, it’s rest and fluids and see how things develop within a day or two, by which point usually the child is up and running around. Travel is more challenging though. Nobody wants to hang out in a dingy hotel room waiting to see what develops.

Siena was feeling better as soon as the Dolex kicked in but we decided to take it is easy and go to Las Lajas, a cathedral built into a deep ravine very close to the border with Ecuador. It was near Ipiales and thus a leisurely half day trip which would leave plenty of time for rest. The trip was not without its adventures though as we got a flat tire on the way and had to get it patched up in a local shop.

Las Lajas however was spectacular! Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s amazing that nobody outside of Colombia has ever heard of this cathedral. If it was in France or somewhere else in Europe, it would be world famous.

We ended the day eating decent pizza and trying to keep away from the gangs of teenagers roaming the streets and spraying passersby with foam. Carnaval has started in Ipiales and this is a big part of Carnaval in this region. It is all in good fun and yet I found myself really angry when I got sprayed in the face. I have to confess that as I felt the sting of the foam in my eyes, my first reaction was a desire to punch the girl who sprayed me. I better change that attitude before we get to the Carnaval of Blacks and Whites in Pasto tomorrow, where we will be sprayed with foam, covered in flour and painted in black paint. All in good fun!

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