Colombian Roadtrip – Day 20 – Yet More Carnaval

January 5, 2014

Today was the Dia de los Negros (Day of Blacks) so we painted our faces black and left our hotel, ready for war. It was drizzling and the streets were pretty tame. Perhaps we overdid it!

Our friends came back from Ecuador last night so it was great to reconnect with them and walk around. Jade, our oldest, was really having fun with her friends, walking around and spraying people. Eleven seems to be the perfect age to enjoy this.

Siena, our eight year old, was feeling better and having fun too. Saige, our three year old, not so much. A little boy ran up to her and stuck some black paint in her mouth. She freaked out, started crying and wanted to be carried around from then on. She was heavy and I was no longer having fun. We gave up on the carnival festivities and headed back to the hotel for lunch.

After a much needed break, we decided to go see how the carrozas (big floats) are made. Tomorrow is the big day of the carnival, with the huge carroza parade. Groups spend months creating the carrozas, which are made out of cardboard and foam. It was really interesting to see the whole process as some groups still had a lot of work to do before tomorrow’s procession.

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