The Best Field Trip Ever!

I went on the best field trip ever today with Saige, our 3 year old, and her preschool! It was a working farm and nature center near Neusa (about 2 hours north of Bogota) where we climbed trees, planted a tree and corn, went on an hour walk barefoot (through knee high grass and graveled paths and mud and cow poop!), climbed huge boulders, built a house out of sticks, rolled down a hill, and made mud balls in which seeds will grow into plants. It was fun, really fun!

I have to confess that one of the things that made it really fun was the sense that we were getting to do something that we could no longer do in the US. Walk barefoot over sticks and stones and mud and prickly things with a group of 2 to 5 year olds? And past a 9 foot deep pond that didn’t have a fence around it? Without signing a waiver absolving the preschool and the nature of all responsibility in the event of anyone getting injured???? Such decadence! (Excuse the sarcasm, but as I fill out a gazillion forms so that my kids can go to camp in the US this summer, I am struck by what a killjoy litigation is.)

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