Back to the US!

It has been a busy couple of days here. Yesterday, we moved to  a different house in our conjunto. It’s right next door but everything had to be packed anyway. I am not complaining though. Life in Colombia is easy when it comes to things like moving (and if you have a reasonable income). With a maid who packs and unpacks, a nanny who watches the kids while I run around doing things, a handyman who fixes things for about $50 for a full day’s work (and I am paying gringo prices) and movers who move everything for a pittance, I am extremely spoiled…and grateful.

And still abit frazzled. despite all the help, I have still been running around like a mad woman, organizing everything and also packing for our 6 week trip to the US. Yep, we leave tomorrow, bright and early. We are all very excited and truth to tell, abit anxious. The kids are excited but somewhat nervous about going to camp, where they have to speak English and be in a culture that is no longer theirs. I am also excited (and anxious) to experience my culture after having lived abroad for 3 years. We have been back  for a few short trips but this is the first time in three years that we will be going back to “real” life – living in our own house, cooking, cleaning, driving the kids to three different camps, making long overdue house repair Everyone keeps telling me to “have a great vacation!” I am cautiously optimistic. (And sooooo excited for some strange reason!)

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5 Responses to Back to the US!

  1. Hi Natalie,
    I love your blog; it has made me nostalgic of our time in Colombia. In 2010 we moved to Cota with our three girls, then 18mo, 7 and 10 year old. We were in Colombia for two years and now after being home for two years we still miss it! The end of the month we will be coming back for a visit. I stumbled into your blog researching for our trip. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Christina! We are thinking about returning to the US in a year and we are already sad just thinking baiut it. It really drwas you in, doesnt it? Enjoy your trip!!

      • Hi again,
        Your blog makes me smile and I wish ours was still up to share- so many similar experiences!
        We are buying gifts for friends to bring down with us. What are some coveted items?? When we were there we realized there were no jolly ranchers, mini milky ways… If you have any other candies or adult gift ideas I would appreciate them- or anything…
        Feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk- though you seem to have everything under control, I just remember feeling a bit alone- as a foreigner.

      • Thanks. It can get lonely as a foreigner but I guess that is part of the complete immersion experience. How did you wind up in Cota? As for candy, jelly beans are always a hit with kids. Take care!

  2. My husband worked at CIEDI on the Suba-Cota road. We lived in Cota for one year and the next year we lived in northern Bogota.
    We leave tomorrow!! Excited to see how the kids’ Spanish is.

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