Rice Fixed My Laptop!

I should have known better than to eat over my laptop but I was in a hurry and decided to risk it. Bad decision. I spilled watery tomato sauce all over my computer. In a a panic, I googled what to do and learned that I needed to turn off my laptop, turn it upside down so that the liquid would not reach the hardware inside and then try to take it apart and dry it.

I did as instructed but quickly realized that I had no idea how to take apart my laptop. I unscrewed all the little screws but when I couldn´t get it open without force, I decided to leave it to the pros and rushed it to a local computer clinic. The nice guy there opened it up, confirmed that the liquid did not make it past the keyboard (Pheww!) but also informed me that the keyboard would need to be replaced because once the keyboard circuits get wet, the keys usually malfunction.  He tried to dry to but to no avail. I couldn´t even type in my password to get into my laptop.

What to do? According to this guy, it was very difficult to get a replacement keyboard for my type of laptop in Colombia and while I found it on Amazon, I was in a quandry as to how to get it to Colombia without waiting for husband´s next trip to the US. My laptop is a necesity I can not live a day without let alone several weeks.

Just as I was growing very concerned, a thought occured to me. What if I put the keyboard on white rice to soak up whatever liquid is inside? It worked when my cell phone fe l in a water fountain six months ago. Perhaps the rice could dry the keyboard as well?

The computer guy was skeptical but I had nothing to lose so I stuck my kepboard in a big container completely covered with rice. Two days later…. voila… keyboard functioning as good new. Almost two weeks later… still going strong… I just typed this blog post with it.

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