The Llanos Were A Hit (for the most part)!

The family and I are back from 9 days in the Llanos, Colombian plains that stretch from the Andes to Venezuela. Overall, it was a relaxing trip which we enjoyed immensely. I will write in more detail during the days to come but here is my take on our trip in a nutshell:


– Not much to do in terms of sightseeing so we had plenty of time to swim in pools, horseback ride and relax

– Great horseback riding with gorgeous scenery and plenty of wildlife (monkeys, caiman, foxes and many farm animals)

– An awesome boatride from Puerto Gaitan where we were caught in a tropical downpour and saw pink river dolphins

– Visiting friends at their finca nearby

– Yummy, if somewhat overpriced, birthday lunch for my husband in Villavicencio


– Bats in our cabin

– Horrible food – monotonous (fried fish, chicken or beef with rice, fried plantains and french fries for 9 days straight). Did I mention it was all FRIED?

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