Llanos – Day 5 – off to Villavicencio

Today, we were finally able to get into the slow rhythm of this vacation and relax fully. I was really starting to enjoy it as we spent yet another lazy day by the pool. Heaven!

At 2 pm, we reluctantly packed our things and headed to our next destination, Cosmogenesis, an ecohotel close to Villavicencio. Our reluctance stemmed from our expectation that Cosmogenesis would be a lot more rustic, with a “natural” swimming pool and without AC and while I normally prefer these kind of places, we all got into the groove of being spoiled and were enjoying it.

No need to fear though. As we approached Villavicencio, we could see the spectacular mountain scenery which forms a background to the town and were struck by it’s beauty. The greenery all around was also breathtaking. It felt like we were in Costa Rica.

Cosmogenis also turned out to be very charming in an ecohotel sort of way. Our cabin, made to look like a traditional indigenous maloka, was very cute and comfortable, the pool fed by natural underground water was cristal clear and the hammocks strung throughout the property promised a relaxing few days.

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