We Survived Level 5 White Water Rafting!!!!

December 27, 2016

Holy S**t! WHAT A DAY! Jade (my 14 year old) and I went on an amazing level 5 whitewater rafting trip (level 5 is the highest commercially navigable level) on the Rangitikei River. It was over 3 hours on a gorgeous yet fast moving river with 10 level 4 and 5 rapids (and countless smaller rapids), including going over a 10 foot waterfall.

I have to confess… I was pretty scared going into it, especially because I agreed to let Jade do this. There were about sixteen 20- year olds who were drinking beer into all hours of the night and us. I wondered if I was little crazy as our guide issued orders like “OK, we are going to run about 100 meters of non-stop rapids now with a 3 meter waterfall at the end. If any of you fall out of the raft, swim towards the right side of the waterfall. You will get pretty banged up going down but you will make it. If you don’t make it over to the right and end up going over the left side of the falls, I can’t guarantee that you will make it. There is a huge boulder at the bottom.”…. OK…. 

We made it though…. we never fell out of the raft and it was all good fun. It was actually one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

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