The Just Life in New Zealand

In light of recent political and social events in the US, many of you have asked me how New Zealand stacks up in terms of gender, social and racial equality. This is definitely not meant to be a thorough analysis of the situation, but as far as I have investigated, New Zealand comes out as one of the most egalitarian countries (if not the most) in the world.

Turns out, most of the English and Scottish Europeans who populated New Zealand wanted to do away with British classism and tried to create a just and egalitarian society. According to various written sources, New Zealand was the first country to create a social safety net and give women the right to vote in the 1890’s. To date, New Zealand has had two female Prime Ministers and women have occupied every major cabinet position. Women get up to 12 months of maternity leave during which time their jobs are guaranteed. Same sex marriage was legalized in 2013. A transgender person won a parliamentary seat in 2002 beating out a conservative incumbent.

There is a lot more to be said on the subject but I thought these were some interesting pieces to the puzzle….

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